The Law Of Attraction Exposed

Can The Law of Attraction Work In Your Life?

How can it work in your life?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law is summarised by the notion that our attitudes and thoughts draw the things in our life that we focus on.

In simpler terms, if we focus our attention and energy on something in particular then that is exactly what we will get.

This is explains why the negative people in the world always draw negative things towards them.

However simply by focusing on the positive things we want out of our life we can begin to draw them towards us.

To make The Law of Attraction very simple – Like Attracts Like.

Whether you believe in The Law of Attraction or not – understand that it is actually working in your life right now.

We as human begins can create the reality we desire by using our thoughts and intentions according to The Law of Attraction.

The universe is energy which is affected by the energy of our intentions and thoughts.

Have you come across people that are always positive and those that are always negative?

I find that 9/10 people are always focussing on the negative things in their lives. You have probably come across conversations in which this has happened perhaps on public transport or on the street.

In our lives we are conditioned from an early age to relate to events and outcomes in a negative way and this is the reason why people in most conversations are so negative.

A great example of this is when people whine about gas prices, food prices, how bad things always happen to them, how they can never find what they are looking for, how unlucky they are and so on…

People are always focussing on the negative areas of what they don’t like or don’t want – they simply never think to themselves what they do want.

How To Start Applying The Law of Attraction and Start Getting Results

This is easy!

We have to start asking ourselves the right questions and completely change the conversations we have, particularly the conversations we have with ourselves.

Don’t, Not, and No

Do you realise that by using these words you focussing your attention on everything that is associated in meaning to these words?

Do you say any of these phrases?

“Don’t do that”

“You are not having that”

“No, you can’t have that today”

Simply by saying these phrases you make the person want more of what you are denying them. They hear the opposite, they want to do, they want and they want it today.

The above three words get cancelled out of people’s minds.

If I said to you, “Don’t think of the colour blue?”

Did you think of the colour blue?

This is the exact reason why people do not get the things they want in life because their focus is simply on the opposite of what they want.

In future, drop the above three words from your vocabulary for a week and begin to talk about the things you desire and the things that excite you and watch how things change in your life.

How to Seed Thoughts

Did you know that is possible to plant little seeds through positive thoughts and intentions of things you want to happen in your life?

Equally if you end up planting negative seeds through our thoughts then you can make your life very difficult.

An example of a negative seed planting can be explained by those that are ill and those that do not focus on getting better because they have no belief that things can better which often results in more sickness and more illness.

Those that have conversations about prosperity will undeniably have more prosperity!

It is not easy to discipline our minds so that we can focus our thoughts on the results we desire instead of the ones we fear because over our lives we have lived in and participated in a society that has encouraged us to constantly worry.

To start planting seeds slowly you have take the first step and actually change the way you respond to the things that happen every day. If something that happens and previously you would have responded in a negative manner – find something positive and then build upon it. Over a period of time, you will start to notice things change and you will start to attract and achieve the results you want in your life.

It is absolutely vital that we remember the connection between our thoughts and the things we want to happen to us in our lives.

Thoughts Evolve Into Things

Our thoughts are very powerful and you have to understand that every thought does change the world and not “every thought can change the world”

If you are unsure about this or do not believe this then think about the times you have got through something by ‘mind over matter’.

Essentially this is what The Law of Attraction is.

Physical realities are week however the energy of the mind is very powerful.

Take a moment to think about this. The whole universe is made of energy, much like your thoughts and your thoughts are just as powerful as any energy in the universe.

Remember that the power of making a difference, regardless of what happens in your life is inside of you.

The Law of Attraction – How The Poverty Mentality Can Harm You

I’m sure by now you are already aware about the Law of Attraction. It is a Law of the Universe which states that you get and attract what you think of most of the time. There is a recurring problem in our society, and that is called the Poverty Mentality. It is a state of mind that makes one person have a negative outlook towards things in life like money, relationships, having enough time to get things done, etc.

Poverty Mentality is Harmful

If you think that you can’t have enough of your necessities, then that becomes your reality. You will find every aspect of your life lacking and you will find more wanting in everything. This is not good as far as the Art of Attracting Abundance is concerned.

You CAN have what you want and you CAN have more than enough of everything. I’ll show you the exact process in a moment. But right now, what I’m going to teach you is how you can eliminate poverty mentality and all kinds of limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

The Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique and Its Benefits

The Emotional Freedom Tapping technique better known as EFT is a method that eradicates negative emotions. Negative emotions that were removed by EFT usually never come back. EFT is like acupuncture without the need to use needles. It is performed by tapping certain nerve end points in the body to release the negative emotion.

A lot of videos and tutorials about how to use EFT can be found online. You may do a little research, as including the how-to’s of EFT in here will make this article really long. A lot of people had attested to the efficacy of EFT and I highly recommend this method to help you get rid of limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Having What You Want – The Art of Attracting Abundance

Do you think that having more than enough of what you really need is something to be guilty about? I hope not because there is a difference between abuse and abundance. Abundance is when the flow of what you may call blessings in your life is incessant. Everything in your life becomes a blessing when you learn how to appreciate them and be thankful for them.

Now, what you need to do to make the universe give you your desire using the Law of Attraction is to think of your desire with excitement, and have a burning desire towards its achievement. Your thoughts must be in line with your emotions. When you think of your desire, it should make you feel excited.

There is no place for disbelief. You must believe that you can have, be, or do anything and everything you want using the Law of Attraction. Accepting this piece of information as fact is one of the changes that you must accept for you to be able to make the Law of Attraction support you.

Get rid of the poverty mentality at once and see the magic of the Law of Attraction unfold right before your eyes.

The Law Of Attraction – How To Get Rich By Unblocking Limiting Beliefs

Our mind holds the key to how to get rich. We have both a conscious and a subconscious mind. Our conscious mind includes everything that is inside of our awareness while our subconscious activity is just below our awareness. Most of us have about 60,000 thoughts per day and 90% occur subconsciously. In addition, if there is a conflict between a conscious and subconscious thought, the subconscious thought will win.

Subconscious thoughts are much more prevalent and yet we are not even aware of them. These are often beliefs that come from deep inside, which might have been instilled in you by your parents or an experience in your childhood.

I know that when I was young, my parents did not have any debt and they were adamant that “debt was bad”. I was taught that you should first save for what you want and only purchase it when you had enough money. Perhaps this is good advice that many more people should adhere to, especially in today’s heavily debt-ridden society.

Later in life, when I studied Finance I learned that a certain amount of debt is good for a company. In fact, I learned how to calculate the optimal leverage for a company — the best ratio of debt to equity.

When I applied that to my personal life, I interpreted it to mean that a mortgage is okay, but credit card and other consumer debt is bad. After all, mortgages have relatively reasonable interest rates and allow a person to use leverage (someone else’s money) to invest or create a return for themselves. Hopefully a house bought now will appreciate in value by the time you go to sell it.

Credit card debt is another animal altogether. With interest rates at 18% or more, it is anything but “smart debt”. In fact, using credit cards to purchase consumables like groceries or restaurant meals means that what you’ve bought might even be long gone before it is ever paid off.

So for my entire life, I’ve stayed away from car loans, credit card debt and all types of consumer debt and felt quite virtuous about it. You see, my conscious mind had determined that a mortgage is okay, but what about my subconscious mind?

Well, if the truth be known, I hate the fact that I have a mortgage. I feel like it makes me a prisoner or a slave. I cannot risk losing my job because I have a mortgage. I worry about paying off my mortgage. I worry about losing my job. This is because deep down, I hold the belief that was instilled in me by my parents that “all debt” is bad. My parents never had a mortgage and I heard many times how they worked and saved until they had enough money to buy a house.

So no matter what my conscious mind and MBA degree might tell me about debt, I have a deep-seeded belief about debt that is different.

In the same way, when you wonder how to get rich, you may be using the Law of Attraction to attract wealth and riches but you may not be succeeding in life’s game of how to get rich, due to a deep-seeded belief that is blocking you. Perhaps your conscious mind is telling you that you want wealth and how to get rich, but in your subconscious mind, you feel that money is bad, money is the root of all evil, wealth ruins lives, or money doesn’t buy happiness. Until you realize that you have these counter productive beliefs and do something to change them, you will not be able to attract wealth and abundance.

With regard to how to get rich and money, the saying is actually that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Money itself is not evil nor can it ruin lives Money CAN make you happy. It can improve your quality of life. It can free you so that you are able to live a life which is on purpose to serve others.

If the Law of Attraction is not working for you, take a moment to sit quietly and ask yourself “Why?” “What am I afraid would happen if I had ______________________?” Listen to your instinct, to your feelings and meditate on what may be just below your awareness. You can always seek the help of a life coach to assist you in unblocking your counter productive thoughts.

Copyright 2007 Maria Westcott All rights reserved

The Law of Attraction – Getting From Judgmental to Noticing

As you delve deeper into the Law of Attraction and the processes that you need to take to have the universal law of the universe work with you and not against you, one of the key things that you will discover is your own social conditioning can and does work against you at every step of the way. Why do I say that I here you ask? Just think about the social conditioning that has been placed on you as a child, through the teens and into early days as an adult. Typical things I’m talking about would be for a boy but equally have there own conditions for girls. Things like: grow up big and strong, don’t cry, and don’t show your emotions, what are you a man or a wimp. You have all heard them and in part, if you are a parent, used them at various times on your children. We tend to suppress free thinking for social and our community expectations.

What this conditioning has done to us is make us very judgmental. We move through these processes especially within Western Society at our cost. Our judgmental nature has been the breeding grounds for so many of the evils in our society today, such as racism, road rage and bullying to mention just a few. We are training people not to be as one in a community but of a self level. The old “what’s in it for me attitude”. The world owes me a living mentality that pervades our youth today as they live in the “Want It” society. A want society built out of the baby boomers who were a “Lets have it” society where 20% of the population consumed 86% of the world resources.

Our training was designed over the decades to make us judgmental. We were taught to see the issues, the risks etc and to make a decision on them at a rapid pace. For early man it was to react in time to save themselves from being eaten. As time progressed into the industrial revolution, it was to avoid life threatening issues and injury and in our current western society it is a key part of decisions taken in the deal making process within industry. We must react quickly or miss out.

Everything is done at a very rapid rate. As a result the mind concentrated on what it believes is the key points, as it shuffles through the vast amount of information being presented? Research into our decision making processes clearly shows we all operate at different rates with different responses. These responses are clearly related to the learning /schooling we received, what exposure we have had to the situation before or similar related issue and finally how much risk we are prepared to take commonly called our ”risk aversion level”. As our judgments, as we have previously stated, are built on avoiding risk or harm or injury to ourselves.

So where does “Noticing” come into the situation and how does it impact on The Law of Attraction and the response we receive from participation with these universal laws. The key is to look at what our decision making process does. Key among the points is the fact that our decision making process drops information. Our five senses work overtime, all day every day screening out all that surrounds us, while storing some of the information for possible future use. We screen what is being provided to us. We drop from our immediate short term memory what we scan as not important. We become selective about importance of issues. Based not in most part the actual truth, but based, as we pointed out earlier, on our learning, our prior involvement and importantly our risk levels. You see it every day in the introvert and extroverts of our world. Extroverts work on minimal information making decisions on the run never looking back, while introverts look for the fine detail, seeking the weaknesses in the decision being made not just the strengths the extroverts tend to run with. Introverts do not fly by the seat of there pants, on gut feelings or the extroverts “we can fix it as we go” attitude. That’s why in business you need both types within the organization, where neither side has control of the total decision making process.

The key situation for leading managers is to balance these two types at the levels needed for the particular specifics of there industry. The key problem they face is the fact that one tends to hire those people we feel most at ease with and this is usually those with your attitude. How many times do you here both sides blaming each other to others about this or that decision that was made or not made. So and so wouldn’t listen to the issues I pointed out or so and so took to long to make a decision so we missed the deal. Again we are being Judgmental and not Noticing [].

Noticing is a very key process and a process we all need to take to heart if we are to progress with the Law of Attraction, in the manifestation of our wants and key desires. We need to slow down the decision making process. Stop making the judgments we normally take through social conditioning and to actually pause and sift through all the information being presented. From this information review we often see something we missed due to the screening our brains impose and in the case of the Law of Attraction the simple direction or steps to be taken, if we are to have that which we were manifesting come to fruition.

Our screening process (noticing) needs to expand to include other into the process. We need to build off the introvert and extravert types and apply their processes as necessary in the final decision making. There is a term called “Group Think” which has caused many a company to come unstuck and it simply happens when every one looks at the one side without true evaluation of the alternatives. We all want to please, be one with the group and not be the one to speak up. Some companies are so aware of group think, that at key meeting they appoint a “dissenter” on rotation, who is to be negative to the process under discussion. Their role is to point out counter issues, alternative considerations, possible problems within time lines etc. Why do this I here you ask? It so we notice the things we want to screen out and then drop them for specific reasons not just on screening, learning and knowledge grounds.

We need to become aware of the world around us. The real world, not that which our brain have been socially prepared to accept, not the world that our five senses and even our sixth sense have been conditioned to, as being the norm. We need to seek out the alternative. In relationships we need to just watch people we deal with and try and see things from their side for a change. Try and see their perspective and to notice the information they are basing their decision on. Who knows, they may just have seen what we filtered out or have missed what we filtered in. Take notice do not make judgments, point out your view, but ask for theirs in return so you see what they noticed.

The law of attraction and manifestation is all about Noticing. Noticing exactly what it is we want, noticing the specifics that need to be presented in our visualizations as we seek to attract our manifestations. Noticing the small steps that we need to take to make the manifestation become the reality we seek. Judgment also has a part to play and it always will, but in today’s society Noticing is the key skill we need to develop at the expense of our judgment.

Our judgment and sensory screening will always be here and it must be otherwise we would go mad. Our conscious mind cannot take the flood of information our five senses process constantly minute by minute and still have the ability to make standalone judgments. That is why the universe gave us three segments of the mind to control this information overload.

So as you develop your understanding of life under the control of the universal laws, the Law of Attraction, of affirmations and manifestations continue to build on your judgments but never loose site of noticing the world and people around you.

Beyond The Law of Attraction – Accessing The Limits of Your Mind

What lies beyond the law of attraction? What is the meaning and purpose of the universe? Why does it work the way that it does? These are questions that human-kind will ponder for as long as we are aware of ourselves. No one may ever fully know the truth or understand the depths of universal mind. However, I believe we are all much more connected than it seems!

Looking at the growth of our species, and witnessing the wonders and disasters we are capable of creating, it is easy to see the potential we possess. As we evolve and mature mentally and emotionally we begin to look beyond the law of attraction into the implications that this power brings. At first blush, it would seem that this power should be regulated to a select few. That those few who demonstrate an acute ability and recognition of the use of the law of attraction should naturally be risen into the upper echelons of human society. That this power is too dangerous to be given freely to the masses of childish minds lost in the daily struggle for survival. I believe this to be wrong. Because the truth is EVERYONE possesses the same capacity to become aware of themselves, and their power, and ultimately to choose how they use it. The problem with keeping it a “secret” is that we all already use it whether we want to or not! It is like blind-folding every person in the world because you feel it would be too dangerous for them to see it. I’ve always been a believer in cross-training. To me, it just makes sense that the more mature mentally and emotionally we are collectively as a species, the better.

There is no limit to what we can create and accomplish, so what is there to fear? If everyone discovered tomorrow that their beliefs are the limiting factors in their lives would that cause a world-wide panic? Or would it allow for the first time the entire world to overcome their boundaries and forge new, enabling belief systems, which would carry over into a bold new renaissance of thought. Perhaps it would take some time for the growing pains to subside and old wounds to heal first. But one thing I can’t help but think is, what if everyone was taught the law of attraction when they were young? If we had all been taught what you are now learning from the onset of our intelligent lives, how different would the world be today? What possibilities would exist as a result! It’s not hard to see that beyond the horizon of the law of attraction echo the limitless realities of a boundless world. One in which we each have a hand in creating.

Beyond the law of attraction we see the beauty of universal mind. We begin to understand how deeply rooted and connected we all are. We are all made up of energy and exist in the same energy pool. We all share the same potential for using this energy to create and destroy. We all, in essence, are ONE and exist as separate perspectives of experience. To discover, create, explore, and cherish all that is. There is far more to this universe than I or anyone could ever possibly understand. But there are also truths that cannot be denied. Beyond the law of attraction is the truth that our growth far exceeds that of our bodies. Our mental and emotional growth must continue for as long as we exist. Not only does this fact determine the depth of wealth and prosperity we feel individually, but it also affects everyone around us.

For each of us to experience limitless abundance, freedom, and happiness is not only possible, but mandatory, if we are to continue the evolution of our species. Our future depends not on the genius minds amongst us, the privileged, or the powerful. It depends on US. Each one of us individually focused and in tune with the same concept of positive thought and emotion. Only when we abandon our childish and lazy mental habits of hatred and anguish will we be able to “save” ourselves. We must choose to rescue ourselves from our own negative inclination, for nothing can hurt you but yourself. Beyond the law of attraction awaits the stars and salvation promised from birth. Carried by the winds of your inner mind. All the power of the universe. It is a fragile gift, and must be loved and handled carefully. Admire it with eyes of wonder and GRATITUDE. And watch in amazement as your dreams take flight.