Applying The Law Of Attraction In Your Life

Most of us are familiar with “The Law of Attraction”. This was the core principle explained in the the DVD released last year called “The Secret” . Thanks to their media blitz almost everyone has at least heard of it. Some believe and some do not, even among the believers there are a lot of people struggling to apply these principles in their life. What was taught in “The Secret’ was nothing new, as a matter of fact these principles are very ancient and we most likely have pieces missing due to the way the idea was kept secret over the millennia.

It was shared only among nobility and through secret societies since the dawn of time. Most likely these principles were originally taught by the same people who shared other knowledge that enabled our humanity to suddenly develop civilization out of nowhere about 6,000 years ago. There is no evolutionary path of civilization it just suddenly appeared. My personal belief is that it was planted here by beings from another advanced civilization somewhere out in outer space. Read this as “Gods” they tried to enable the basic principles that allowed our species to develop a society that placed some value on human life.

I also believe there was cross breeding, as a matter of fact the Bible even says as much in Genesis 6:4 “when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” [KJV] These Sons of God would have shared their secrets of abundance with their children as any loving father would.

The Law of Attraction and The Secret were born out of the fragments of this information that have survived to our time. I am quite sure there are missing links in the information we have today, however we can still achieve abundance in our life using the information that has survived. The biggest obstacle we all face is overcoming our subconscious programming. Since birth we have been told some things are possible and others are not possible. This negative training causes us to be unable to unlock the great secrets of the universe that God intended us to benefit from. We require a lot of reprogramming of our subconscious mind to overcome what we were taught from the cradle. I have memories of levitating as a baby, then my parents tell me that is not possible and from then on I can no longer levitate!

The Secret was inspired in part by an older book called “The Science of Getting Rich” This little book spells out the same principles as The Secret but was written way back in 1910. In this book Wallace Wattles offers pretty much the same information as found in “The Secret”

We need to learn to overcome the negative programming we received as a child if we are ever to manifest the riches that God intended for us to enjoy on this earth. I recommend the use of subliminal recordings, self hypnosis and a conscious effort to remove negative thoughts from our mind. Like flipping a switch keep a pleasant memory handy and substitute that each time you start to think a negative thought.

It can be difficult to reprogram your subconscious, but the rewards are great and will make it all worthwhile. You are the only thing that is keeping you from being able to apply The Law of Attraction in your life.

Manifesting Wealth With the Law of Attraction – Think of It This Way

For many people money is the focus or the root of their desire when they first get into using the Law of Attraction or Manifestation. The need or want of large amounts of money or financial success is a worthwhile goal to spend time and effort on manifesting it is often one that is elusive to most people who hope to find that success in using the Law of Attraction.

While many people might encourage you to focus on things other than money when beginning to use the Law of Attraction is it interesting to note that many of the first people to write about the Law of Attraction focused on this very subject in their methods. Walter Wattles and others made no bone about the fact that money and lots of it can allow a man to live a rich and fulfilling life and the lack of riches is equal to unfulfilled potential… a life that is lacking and therefore not of as much benefit to society, the universe or the man himself.

Many people have some sort of preconceived notion that it is somehow wrong to ask for money or wealth by using the Law of Attraction and the exact opposite is actually true. Without wealth or money life is stagnant and stressful. Without riches how are you going to live life to the fullest? How is it possible to experience all that the universe has to offer if you lack the funds to provide not just the necessities of life but the abundance that should be your life?

Plain and simple… there is nothing wrong about using the Law of Attraction to become wealthy or rich. Keep in mind though that hoarding money or being greedy and all the emotions, thoughts and power associated with these behaviors are self defeating and not in line with using the Law of Attraction in any way, shape or form.

One of the most powerful and often neglected aspects of using the Law of Attraction to manifest more money in your life is the aspect of gratitude. Being grateful for what you have already been given and actually being thankful and joyful for what you have as you wait in constant expectation for the money that is surely on its way is vitally important to your success in using the Law of Attraction in any form. Your gratitude can be thought of as a magnetic force that draws more of what you are grateful for to you as you fill with joy for what you have and for what is in store for you in the near future.

A lack of gratitude can be extremely harmful to your thought life and your success in using the Law of Attraction in manifesting anything, especially money. Think of it this way… imagine that you have given a friend a gift of $100. You are happy to give your friend this gift and it brings you joy to be able to offer this money. But imagine how you would feel if your friend turned away and refused your gift or complained because he wanted or needed $1000. In the future you might not be so generous or you might think twice about the gifts that you give your friend in the future.

The Law of Attraction behaves the same way and this is why gratitude is so vitally important to your success in manifesting money or anything else that your little heart desires. Truly, if you set aside some time each day to think of all the things that you have to be grateful for and the money that is flowing into your life on a daily basis it won’t be long before more money begins to flow even more easily into your life.

Of course, gratitude and your attitude towards money are only a couple of aspects that you should keep in mind when trying to manifest money into your life using the Law of Attraction. Once you begin to understand how simple it is to manifest money and other things that hold value to you into your life by using the Law of Attraction there will be no limits in your life any longer and you will only be held back by your own imagination.

Conveyancing Reform – Law Society Awake As HIPs Pass Away

With the immediate suspension of Hips being “so last month”, the Law Society has reiterated its desire to continue with reform in the Conveyancing process. The Law Society has said reform of the house selling process is essential to meet the needs of the home buying market. The Law Society’s opposition to the introduction of HIPs has been strong and consistent. In its opinion Hips had effectively marginalised Conveyancing solicitors with a process, that was at best pseudo legal, and a worst an additional marketing ploy by new entrants in to the home selling and buying arena.

The Law Society stated that HIPs have led to;

“increased costs and a host of cross selling initiatives that were not in the consumers’ interests. The advent of HIPs encouraged estate agents and HIP Providers to vie with each other to gain the initial access to the consumer so they could be referred, for a fee, to other professionals and service providers which distorted the market. These fees were not transparent to the consumer”

Reform Proposals:

The Law Society wants to revamp its TransAction scheme, which was introduced way back in 1989/1990. The Protocol included standard forms of Enquiries and a Fixtures and Fittings Questionnaire. A process which was badly copied under the HIP Regulations in the form of the Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ). The Law Society is recommending a revamp of the forms again to be provided in standard format.

Robert Heslett the Law Society President added;

“The professional integrity and legal skills which solicitors have traditionally brought to the housing market are probably more important now than they have ever been. The marked increase in property fraud, including registration fraud and mortgage fraud, means that the role of the solicitors as the gatekeeper in the process assumes a greater importance. This role falls to solicitors as the most highly regulated professionals in the process. Solicitors can help consumers understand the residential Conveyancing process, the role of the solicitor and others in the buying and selling market and to make informed choices.”

You might say they would say that wouldn’t they! What would be beneficial is for the reform process to be quickened, so that the consumer will see an honest attempt to fill part of the vacuum left by the demise of HIPs. This at a time where the new Coalition Government saw fit to axe a process with no thought or consideration as to what might replace it. In all the clamour surrounding the suspension of HIPs, no one has trumpeted a return to the “good old days” of slow Conveyancing, Seller and Buyer uncertainty and aborted expense.

Manifesting Prosperity With the Law of Attraction

It always seems really unfair that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. The poor guy can’t seem to catch a break while the important people in society couldn’t be making more money. No matter how unfair this seems it makes perfect sense in the Law of Attraction.

The rich get richer because they are using the Law and its positive energy. They have a lot of money so they feel good about money. Therefore, more money is coming into their lives. Then we have you. You are swimming in debt and not making much, which then makes you have a negative feeling about money. Since you hate money, you are not attracting it to you. You need to start changing the way you think, but how are you supposed to do that when you have so many bills to pay? How can you possibly feel good about money when you don’t have any?

The whole purpose of the Law of Attraction is to bring things to you that you don’t have. If you had money, you wouldn’t have this problem. You need to visualize money coming to you and feel good about it. Only that way will you start to manifest prosperity. You can start small and feel good about bills coming to you because you know that money will find its way to you. You might not realize it at first, but the Law of Attraction always finds its way to you so you can start living the life you have always dreamed of.

The Law of Attraction – Finding and Living Your Life’s Purpose

To find your life’s purpose you need look no further than the law of attraction. Why? because by learning about how your reality is formed and how to use the law of attraction you will explore, understand and choose your life’s purpose.

To understand the law of attraction is to understand the true nature of reality and that is where you will find and understand yourself. By exploring how this reality is formed, how your thoughts form into events you will take a journey into the nature of reality that will transform you, not only within this life but beyond it too, in doing so you understand your true identity.

The purpose of our lives can be spelt out with word like love and healing, happiness and joy but these are just shallow representations of the true reality that is trying to be expressed. To express your purpose you must live it, not just be able to write it and in the living of your life exploring how you form your reality you will discover the purpose of your existence, not only within the physical life that you are presently aware of.

The purpose of your life does not lie within the confines of the physical reality, it exists within the heart of your limitless identity, and identity that is immortal and timeless, even through the years of your life. When you dig deeper into your true creativity and ability to form events you will discover that creativity and expression are parts of your purpose and so you have the ability to form events within the physical life you know, this is the law of attraction.

The challenge in discovering your purpose is that it does not lie within your job, role or your marital status but with an aspect yourself that must first be discovered and in order to discover it you must be willing to let go of the titles and frameworks that have formed your life up to this point.

The law of attraction and its use forces us all to break down the limiting beliefs and to let go of the roles that we hold so dear in our lives. The law of attraction also forces us to consider what our lives are about, to choose what we want rather than what we ‘should’ have or what our parents or society tells us.

In discovering the law of attraction you will discover yourself and in doing so you will live your greatest adventure and this will become your purpose: being you and consciously creating the life you want with love, passion, power and joy.