The Law Of Attraction – Think Thin And Lose Weight

If you are like me, you have tried most ways of losing weight that are out there today — Atkins, South Beach, the GI Diet, Food Combining, Cabbage Soup, etc. I’m not knocking any one of them, because they each have their merits and I’m sure there are those of you who have followed these regimes and been successful at losing those extra pounds.

We get all geared up, we buy the book, we go out and get all the ingredients and manage to stick to it for only a matter of days. In fact, I find that the moment I say the word “diet” I am filled with this ravenous hunger and obsession that I don’t normally have with food. Suddenly, I am thinking about food all the time, wondering what I will be allowed to eat for my next meal, fretting at that empty feeling in my stomach, feeling sorry for myself and generally being quite miserable.

No diet is fast enough for me. It may have taken me 30 years to put on these extra pounds, but I just expect them to vanish overnight. I am a sucker for advertising on the internet — “Lose 18 lbs in 4 days”, “Lose 11 pounds every 9 days” – I’ve paid good money for all of these quick fixes. How could I have been so gullible? It is just wishful thinking on my part, I guess. I’m still hoping for that “miracle cure” that someone will find to make the pounds vanish overnight. My brain knows better, but these ads appeal to our emotions and our feelings. They get me every time!

So what is wrong with these “diets” and why don’t they work? Or even if they have the desired short-term effect, why can’t we manage to keep the weight off? Perhaps we are not using the Power of Positive Thinking.

I’m sure you have heard many times that you can’t go on a diet and then once you’ve lost that weight, return to your old habits. Your diet needs to be a new way of eating that you can sustain indefinitely. This is enough to put most people off from the start. What? I have to eat like this for the rest of my life? Argh!! I’d rather be overweight than contemplate a life without pizza and cheese.

Most weight loss plans are also too difficult to maintain over time. In our fast paced society, many of us don’t have the time to cook and prepare the healthy foods. Most diets give you suggested menus, but I find that many dishes are not things that I would normally prepare and I don’t have the ingredients in the house. What started out as a helpful suggestion becomes yet another hurdle from the dieter’s point of view.

But the real reason why they do not work is because of the frame of mind you are in while are following the strict food regime. What are you feeling? What are you telling yourself? This is where the Law of Attraction can help.

  • I’m fat so I need to watch what I eat until I am no longer overweight
  • I do not like the way I look now
  • I am not happy with my body

As you will see, you are thinking the thoughts that are bound to doom your dieting efforts from the start. You don’t stand a chance.

I have been studying the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking for many years now and I have seen some spectacular things happen in my life because of it. I have attracted my ideal job, I have attracted money, I have attracted the right people into my life at the right time, etc. Suddenly I realized that I was not using the law of attraction to address my “extra pounds” and the answer seemed so simple that it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

The Law of Attraction says that “like attracts like” or that you will get more of what you think about. You have to know what you want and give it your desire and feeling, have no doubt that it is on its way, take inspired action, and be grateful for all that you have.

When you apply this to “dieting” it means focusing on the “new slim and fit you” that you want to become. If you have a picture of yourself in your trimmer days, hang it in a prominent place in the kitchen. Visualize being that person, feel it and sense all the happiness and joy that you will have when you are that slim. The more positive emotion you can conjure up in your mind’s eye, the faster the results will be.

Secondly, the Law of Attraction tells us to have no doubt that this new you is on its way. Act as if you’ve already achieved your weight loss goal. Look in the mirror and love your body. Know that your new svelte figure is on its way. Carry and conduct yourself with the poise and confidence of a slim person.

Thirdly, take inspired action. You will not achieve your weight loss goal by stuffing your face with sweets and crisps. However, you don’t necessarily need a regimented diet where every ounce is weighed and every calorie is counted.

Your stomach is only the size of your fist and most of us regularly overeat and no longer recognize when we are full or hungry. Get in tune with what your body is telling you. Eat when you are hungry, eat slowly, enjoy every mouthful and stop when you feel full.

Finally, be grateful for everything you have and for the body your have. Whatever is good and positive about your body, be thankful. Have gratitude that your heart beats and your lungs breathe. You can even show appreciation and thanks for the thin body that you know is on its way to you.

These steps will put you in congruent vibrational harmony to attract everything into your life that you’ll need to make yourself thin.

Copyright 2007 Maria Westcott All rights reserved

What’s The Correlation Between Your Health And The Law Of Attraction?

How important is our health? Pretty important right! Your health is actually by far the most valuable asset in your life, you can have all the material possessions in the world, an abundance of wealth and shiny object’s yet it will mean little to nothing if you’re in poor health.

In fact I can assure you there are people out there who have wealth and material possessions in abundance who are in poor health and they’d more than likely happily trade their wealth and possessions for optimal health.

Many people often over-look this important fact when applying the Law of Attraction. Just because you may be in good health doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to maintain and improve your health. Far to many people become absorbed by the material riches that the Law of Attraction can offer and neglect both their physical and mental health.

If you’re in good health physically then you operate better on a mental level and the same rule applies in reverse. If you want the Law of Attraction to improve your quality of life then you need to focus on your health, if you’re feeling fit and well your mind will be a lot clearer and thus your manifestation efforts will improve.

So how can we improve our health through the Law of Attraction?

Firstly you need to remove yourself from the mindset of being deserving of optimal health and understand that thought manifestation alone won’t bring you the results you desire. The Law of Attraction is an aide for re-programming your subconscious not a miracle worker!

If you’re to experience the health you desire then you must commit to educating yourself on maintaining a proper diet and invoke certain lifestyle changes. The underlying principle of maintaining good health is to ensure the body gets the nutritional requirements it needs and to engage in exercise.

So simple isn’t it! Yet most people become a victim of society and corporate advertising believing they can ruin their bodies (literally) and then take some wonder pill or go on some absurd crash course diet to restore their health. WRONG!

This is where the Law of Attraction fits in. You need to understand that as with EVERYTHING your mind is the key. If you truly want to be fit and healthy then you’ll need to want for this in your life and want it with a passion. This will mean you’re so set on your end goal that with continued effort it will manifest this into reality!

How can I boost my manifestation efforts?

Apart from the obvious such as diet and exercise you can adopt certain lifestyle changes that will have a positive impact on your health and more importantly will help you develop a more positive mindset. Try to think outside the box, refrain from over-priced pills your doctor recommends, resort to spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, these are great for improving both your mental and physical state of being.

Yoga actually integrates nicely when using the Law of Attraction and is great for improving your physical health as well as mental well-being. It involves strict disciplines which few actually master, I am constantly working on my Yoga practices, it’s an art not a science!

Practicing Yoga though can add clarity to your thoughts and help you keep the positive frame of mind required to get the desired results you long for when applying the Law of Attraction.

What if my health is poor? If you’re in poor health and focusing your thoughts towards being in poor health and not being in good health then you’re only dampening your manifestation efforts for improved health!

Let’s say for instance you get a crippling headache (I get migraines a lot), ever notice how if you concentrate on how bad the headache is it will only worsen yet if you take your mind away from it seems to get better. These are your thoughts influencing this process.

The same as secret service personnel may be able to stand pain beyond most people’s recognition (yes this stuff does go on in the real world)! Why can they? Did they kill the nerves in their body? NO! They learned through training that “pain” is controllable, it’s your brains way of saying that hurts, that isn’t good, stop doing that. They simply shut out pain through their mind.

Basically if you’re focusing your thoughts and energy towards your poor health then you’re only fueling it! Instead focus on having improved health, there are a number of tools and techniques for doing so which go beyond the scope of this article but commit to change, certify the fact in your mind, visualize yourself as the healthy, energetic and vibrant person you desire and take continued action to making these thoughts a reality.

Whether you’re using the law of attraction for wealth, health or love the same rules apply. Remove yourself from the mentality of being deserving and life’s not fair. Focus your thoughts and energy towards being grateful for the many things you do have in abundance.

Whilst we are complaining about being over-weight through (a majority of the time) self-neglect there’s a starving child in the world who literally died whilst you passed that thought through your head. This starving child had no other option due to corruption at the highest levels.

You do have a choice, use it wisely.

The Law is Our Protector

“Behold thine own soul, Thou hast perverted Thy gifts, thou hast squandered Thine opportunities, thou hast spurned Thy warnings, and have became blind to great things, thou playest with baubles. Therefore, behold thyself thus.” – Ludlow

Where did these words come from? Did Ludlow just make them up because he was high on hash? Or were they divinely inspired because he was high on hash? I guess all we can do is speculate.

I would speculate that Ludlow heard them for the same reason that our Creator gave us the law, to protect us from ourselves. The law appears to have been given, not so much as a guide to rightness or morality, as known can achieve either, but rather to protect us and our communities from both mental and physical harm.

In the book of Leviticus we see people undergoing a spiritual exorcism to remove the world from their hearts. As recorded, the first two years of the Exodus was spent at the base of the mountain of God, where each man failed to fully realize his own disgrace, therefore, all these died in the desert of their redemption.

While reading the words of those who post in the forums and write blogs at Myspace, it suddenly occurred on me, just as in the time of Moses, as is today, many create their own understandings in order to allow them their own way. To justify there own thoughts to give their behaviors permission.

There appears to me to be a very self-centered person at Myspace who actually believes her understanding of religion and her unnatural lifestyle is a gift to her society. I have been observing her for several months now as she argues her case, calling others stupid and blind, using all forms of foul language and verbal attracts.

“If an issue causes one controversy, the lie is in one’s head, Truth is working diligently to live in his heart. Where there is debate, Truth is being challenged.” – From my publication “Lines in the Sand”

These appear to believe they are rebelling against “the church” and its intolerant beliefs, however, after careful observation of their writings regarding how much they claim to love their country, even their communities, they appear to fail to understand why the law was given to the church created in the heart of all people.

Again, the law was not granted to necessarily promote morality or virtue, as none of us could ever adhere, but rather to teach us how to maintain some since of semblance of order regarding the physical and mental health of the people who are a direct reflection of each of their families, their communities, their country and the world as a whole.

Let us now explore why the Christ claimed He did not come to abolish the law, but rather to fulfill the law. He did not say to the woman at the well, “Hey, it’s cool, have sex with as many different types of people as you wish.”

But rather, You are forgiven, now stop it! If you do not, you will continue to harm yourself and your community. You will continue to lead young hearts astray from the love of God, the security of family and community.

Whereas, the author of tyranny controls all the media channels that are causing simpletons to become drunk with desire for non-committed recreational sex. All the while this demonic power is promoting unhealthy lifestyles to the children that is spreading his disease of the mind, body and spirit everywhere we go in his adulterous ways.

If you do not understand, nor wish to believe this dark force has existence, read the Book of Enoch. Before the self appointed Vicar of The Christ (the Vatican) tried to hide the true mandate of Lucifer, the Book of Enoch was one of the favorite books of the Hebrew.

Before I move on I wish to express that adultery is any person (rock star) place (home, vacation destination) or thing (material wealth, power, cars, vacation homes, drugs ) or anything we place ahead of seeking a direct relationship with the love of the One who spoke this universe into order.

(Just as a side note, when the Creator decides to unspeak this universe, this material realm we see, hear, feel, smell and taste, that is only a vision created in the back of our brains, will evaporate just like a bad dream.)

“The main points of the (Hebrew Torah) are books concerned with legal rules, and priestly ritual. The first 16 chapters and the last chapters (Leviticus) describe the Priestly Code, detailing ritual cleanliness, sin-offerings (However, it was Lucifer who sinned, not mankind, yet he blames it on the true children of God. Therefore, it was he who) and created a Day of Atonement. Chapters 17-26 describe the holiness code (that none could achieve without The True Christ), including the injunction to love one’s neighbor (all people regardless of color, perceived sexual preference or religious beliefs) as oneself” – Wikipedia (For whatever Wikipedia is worth, as if anyone edits it, Lucifer’s well wishers change it back to fit their understanding.)

Most of us have realized that the worship guidelines in the Torah where presented to the people before the work of The Christ was completed. However, it is the books contained in the Torah regarding proper etiquette that were given to protect us from ourselves, thus to protect our families, our livestock, the land, thus, protection for our communities from both, physical and emotional harm.

However, today many appear to either reject these guide lines for fear it will prevent them from believing whatever they choose to believe, thus allowing themselves to do whatever pleases themselves.

The church says; “You must, or you will go to hell.” This is simply not true. The only way to get to hell is to deny that The Christ overcame “the church” of brick and mortar, Lucifer’s great deception made manifest. The law was not given as rules to reach salvation, if this were so, then Christ nailed Himself to a tree for nothing.

However, if you truly love your family, your community, your country you will live a lifestyle that is healthy for your community and teach your children to do the same by your example.

Lets put our co-dependent society on trial. If we allow our children to disrespect their elders, they will. If we allow our children to do whatever they please, they will. The children of today are begging for boundaries, but few seem able to hear their plea.

“When a man who is granted the power of persuasion denies integrity to earn worldly favor, this man will end up losing in the end.

As any man, who plays by his own rules, plays to lose.” – Lines in the Sand

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1781

We are in grave danger here folks. By design our greedy society is in meltdown mode. Our constitution is being robbed right from our hands. Many of us have been taught by the medias to hate Muslims, but I have news for you, Islam is not your enemy, God has placed a hook in his jaw. However, it is Lucifer who is coming against you via the Vatican in order to recreate the Roman empire, and the Muslim wishes no part of it.

The brick and mortar church has been doing Lucifer’s biding by tricking many into worshiping the Greek god Zeus. If you still believe “the churches” lie calling that the Son of Yahweh “Jesus” please read what this linguist has to say; They lied to us, Yahshua is the true Son of the Living God.

I know, it was tough for me to come to terms with as well, as I too, had severe loyalty to that name.

Did you need more evidence, see my page: Matters of Faith

“Bow down in admiration to the true God of your fathers today, or tomorrow you will bow down in painful submission” – Lines in the Sand

“See, it is I, ‘God’, who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges the weapon fit for it’s work, And it is I who have created the destroyer to work havoc,” Isaiah 54:16.

“If God doesn’t judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” – Billy Graham

Rest assured, God will not be mocked!

Use the Law of Attraction to Make Money Online

Are you confident that you can influence the universe to magnetize wealth and abundance for you? If not, Law of attraction can help you in this regard. It empowers us with positive attitude needed to achieve our goals. But what is law of attraction? The scientific quantum stating ‘like energy attracts energy’ is termed as the law of attraction. If you apply this knowledge and concentrate on your thoughts, you will sense that your thoughts are being attracted back to your like a magnet. You would be surprised to find that it is now possible to use the law of attraction to make money online.

So how can this law help you earn money online? Remember, you cannot turn on or turn off this law at your will. These principles are functional throughout the day even though most of us are unaware of it. You can use the law of attraction to make money online by stimulating positive thoughts in your mind. Try to project yourself as a person who is happy with positive attitude to draw people’s attention towards your business. However, there are theories that state you can use the law of attraction to make money online by simply focusing the thoughts that attract money. But this alone is not sufficient and you need to visualize yourself under situations that could help you fetch more money. Do not advertise the products aggressively. Consider the requirements of people and promote your products in the right direction.

Positive approach to life is always beneficial and hence you need to start thinking that your online business is already a success. Constantly worrying about failing in online business can prevent you from moving forward. You can thus use the law of attraction to make money online that can increase your confidence level and can have you speeding towards a successful online business career. This approach is applicable in general and hence you can find that your lifestyle is on the verge of constant improvement.

Some people however do not believe in such theories primarily due to several concerns that arise if you choose to use the law of attraction to make money online. The first concern in this regard would be the conflict of thoughts between two individuals who are equally competent to achieve the same goal. Under such cases the law of attraction would work for only that individual who possesses the strongest desire and thoughts. Another concern would be the occurrence of bad or disastrous incidents that can completely eliminate the influence of this law on human lives. There are also speculations on whether this law is applicable to animals, infants or plants and there have been constant efforts to demonstrate this fact. However, the widespread belief is that the law of attraction is effective only on mature individuals of the society.

But despite such controversies there are several businessmen who are willing to use the law of attraction to make money online and reap its benefits. So it is advocated that you get started today!

Traffic Law – Are Seat Belts Unconstitutional and Over the Top? Yes, But That’s the Law

The government’s job is to protect the American people, and we obviously need traffic laws to protect people from hurting one another. Traffic laws are a necessity so that everyone knows what to expect and we have the fewest number of deaths on our highways and streets. Luckily, automotive deaths have been reduced drastically over the last decade, and that’s a wonderful thing, a tribute to our hard work and efforts to promote safer driving.

Still, there are many who complain that some of the laws that are forced upon us take away our individual rights and they are not fair. Milton Friedman the famous libertarian economist who wrote the book with his wife Marianne titled “Free to Choose” explained in his book that traffic laws, and requirements for such things as a bumper on your car are okay, because they protect the other guy in case you get into an accident. But what is not okay is to make motorcycle riders wear a helmet, or people to wear a seatbelt in their own car to protect themselves.

In other words, it is a choice to protect yourself wearing a seatbelt, and it is a choice to protect your noggin and wear a helmet so you don’t splatter your brains all over the sidewalk if you crash your motorcycle. However it should not be a choice to not put a bumper on your car and cause serious damage or injury to other drivers when it wasn’t their fault. Are you beginning to see the point? In many regards and philosophically speaking seat belts are somewhat unconstitutional. That is to say it’s not government’s job to protect you from yourself, it could be said to be government’s job to protect you from outside influences, someone else hurting you.

Many people may not understand the simplicity of my argument here. One could say that if people didn’t wear seatbelts, and they got into an accident and had a serious injury, then all the people would have to pay more taxes because they might get free hospital care. But free hospital care is a socialist trend, and it’s nothing what our founding fathers would have expected. Therefore the taxpayers shouldn’t pay for your hospital either that is your own responsibility. You can buy insurance if you want too, but should be forced too, again free-market philosophy, and liberty argument.

You see what happens is every time we give away free stuff at the taxpayer’s expense we have to make more laws to keep those costs reduced. Eventually we make so many silly and ridiculous laws that only a stupid person would ever wish to live in that society. Personally, I feel that it is unfortunate that California is busy writing seatbelt tickets, because I don’t think it is not the government’s business whether I wear one or not, that’s my business. Do you see my point? Nevertheless, you have to wear a seatbelt, whether it’s unconstitutional are not, it’s the law. Please consider all this and think on it.