The Law of Attraction: Limiting Beliefs Are Harmful

The Law of Attraction is a law of the universe which states that you attract whatever you give your focus and energy to. Limiting beliefs have proven to be a recurring problem in our society. These beliefs limit people from living their life to the fullest and lowers one’s self-esteem.

Why Limiting Beliefs are Harmful

Limiting beliefs are negative beliefs that are either conscious or unconscious. These negative beliefs are harmful because they hinder you from having or becoming what you want. For example, you desire of becoming wealthy but you think that being wealthy will just bring you more problems and that you will become one of those “filthy-rich” people. This kind of mindset will not only hinder you from becoming wealthy, it will also make you see wealthy people as no-good persons.

Remember that judging others does not define who they are – it defines who YOU are.

EFT Can Help

The Emotional Freedom Tapping technique has been proven many times to remove all kinds of negative beliefs. It does not only remove negative beliefs – it installs new and positive beliefs as well. EFT works like acupuncture without requiring needles. To perform it, you need to tap on nerve end points to release the negative energy produced by negative thoughts from your body.

It is a prerequisite for Law of Attraction practitioners to learn to get rid of negative emotions because this law of the universe states that you have or become what you think about and give your focus and energy to most of the time. Learn EFT now and let it become one of the first steps to manifesting your desires.

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that help turn negative beliefs into positive ones – both consciously and unconsciously. We have beliefs that we are not aware of and these are stored deep within our subconscious mind. Even if we convince ourselves that we believe in something positive, there are times when our subconscious mind disagrees.

Get yourself used to reciting affirmations like “I have the power to choose my own destiny,” or “I choose to live the life of my dreams.” Write these down and place it somewhere you will always see it like on a post-it pasted on your desk or on your bathroom mirror. This will help you to constantly remind yourself about something positive slowly but surely changing your unconscious beliefs.

Now is the best time to learn these techniques and get rid of negative and limiting beliefs. Once you have the ability to push negative thoughts away as they come up, all that shall be left in you is positivity – a necessary trait to become a good Law of Attraction practitioner.

Is the Law of Attraction Real and Does it Work?

The Law of Attraction revolves around training the mind to focus on your dreams and desires. You utilize your conscious and subconscious mind to tap into more of your own mental resources. These resources are already there, but most of us aren’t used to using them to their full potential.

Society often sets an example based on fear. We are taught to fear not having enough money, to fear not being attractive enough and not being able to attract a partner and to fear not being good enough. This comes from a general shame-based way of thinking which is sometimes rooted in certain religious traditions. These are very powerful forces to try to combat. They are also the reasons that using the Law of Attraction can work so well.

Using the Law of Attraction, you focus on experiencing the joy of that which you want. If you want a loving relationship, you imagine and visualize the satisfaction of feeling loved and valued. You do not focus on the fear of being alone, but instead on your ability to experience love and all of its benefits. By feeling joy and happiness, you naturally become less afraid and begin directing your life toward your dreams and desires. According to the Law of Attraction, you also begin to attract the things you want to you because they operate on similar frequencies (this is based on actual laws of quantum physics that can be studied in further detail if you like).

I will say that I consider it unrealistic to picture yourself having a car and expecting it to materialize in your life. If, however, you go to a car dealer, test drive your dream car, and utilize the motivation generated by the feelings you have while in that car, you might be more diligent at work, inspire the boss to give you a raise, and get a little closer to having that car. The Law of Attraction is about taking baby steps toward what you want and opening yourself up to receiving the universe’s assistance. That assistance could come in two days or three months. You could also get a little today, a little more next week, and some more next month. It’s all about staying open and focusing your thoughts on abundance.